Transportation service that is flexible to your needs


We operate flexibly in the Nordic region and negotiate transportation services elsewhere in Europe. Our comprehensive transport network and our trusted partners always guarantee you fast and flexible transportation. Our expert drivers take care of your cargo and ensure our high level of service.

Our fleet includes both trailers that open from the side (combo vehicles) as well as regular trailers. Our fleet also includes some heat-regulated trucks, suitable for food transportation and the transportation of other heat-sensitive products. We also offer freezer transports as well as dual heat transports.



Our high-quality thermo-regulated  trucks ensure reliable refrigerated transport for food and other heat-sensitive goods. The food transportation services we offer always comply with the regulations of the authorities. We also carry out self-monitoring at temperature measurement at regular intervals during the transport.




Our versatile fleet is ideally suited for various types of road transport. We avoid reloading in transportation to minimize transport damage. This way, we also guarantee you secure deliveries and less environmental impact. Our expert staff will always assist you in finding the right means of transportation.